Postgraduate Studies

Master: Master of Public and Environmental Health ( MPEH)

MPEH (Environmental Health)

MPEH (Medical Entomology)

MPEH (Public Health)

MPEH (Food Hygiene & Safety)

MPEH (Epidemiology)

MPEH (Health Education)

 Ph.D. in Public and environmental health in:

Ph.D. (Medical Entomology)

Ph.D. (Public Health)

 Ph.D. (Food Hygiene & Safety)

Ph.D. (Epidemiology)

Ph.D. (Health Education)

Ph.D.(Environmental Health)

Requirements for acceptance in MPEH program:

B.Sc. honor in Public and Environmental Health or related field.

BSc. General in public and Environmental health or related field with qualifying year.

Period of the study:

Two years (32 weeks) one year for courses and the other for research

MPEH courses of credit hours:

First Semester:

Second Semester: