About Health Education Department

Vision :

The Department of Health Education seeks to become a leader at the local and international levels in the field of: preparing health educators and professors of specialization at the level of universities and researchers in health education, providing health and research consultations, and preparing scientific studies

Mission :

Preparing scientific cadres in the field of health education science from specialists or consultants, professors and researchers, encouraging higher scientific studies, providing health education services to community members, and providing consultations for the governmental and private sectors. This is done through the various programs of the department at the level of undergraduate or postgraduate studies, and the material and human capabilities the department provides.

The goals and objectives of the department:

   Learning Outcomes

After completing the course and the student gets a bachelor’s degree in health education, he will be able to:

1.Assessment of individual and societal needs

2. Plan health education and health promotion programs and follow up on their implementation and evaluation.

3. Social marketing of health education programs.

4. Activating and revitalizing community for its positive participation in health problems in the region.

5. Supporting and encouraging healthy behaviors and carrying out health research.

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