About Department of Environmental Health and Environmental Studies

Health Education Department

The Department of Environmental Health is one of the important departments of the college, and the subjects taught in the department covers the applied aspects of public health through a combination of theoretical teaching, field inspection and laboratory environmental analyzes.

The department aims: to develop the field of environmental health through the use of the latest analysis technology and modern theories in the interpretation and solution of environmental problems, as well as solving local environmental health problems and linking teaching to practical reality in addition to conducting scientific research based on the needs of the local and global community.

The subjects or specializations offered through the department include for instance:principles of environmental health occupational health and safety, drinking water quality and safety, sanitary engineering, waste management, environmental sanitation, radiation safety, air quality, environmental pollution, environmental and health impact assessment, environmental management, principles of ecology.

The department has two laboratories, one of which is for chemical and physical analyzes, equipped with devices such as optical spectroscopy, occupational health devices such as equipment for measuring noise, light, heat, and airborne fine particles, and various examination equipment such as checking the required biochemical oxygen, and others. The second laboratory for bacteriological analyzes of water, air and soil. It includes sampling equipment with a membrane filtration system and analysis with a multi-tube system for bacterial examination and equipped with other instruments.

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